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Def Beat Entertainment, Inc. (DBE) is a multi-media production entity with a music, film production, screenwriting and book publishing division. Def Beat was founded in 2003 as a record label and music production company by CEO and Hip Hop legend Dana Dane.  Dana has over 25+ years of entertainment industry experience and industry contacts. After releasing Def Beat's debut album

Dana    Dane    &    the    Great    Unknowns in 2005, Dana quickly realized his creative aspiration went far beyond music.


In 2006, Dana began exploring his passion as a writer and adopted his classic Hip Hop story raps: Cinderfella, Nightmares, Chester and others into a book of short stories "Dana Dane's Hip Hop Tales". This would prove to be Dana's training ground for the release of his debut novel, NUMBERS, via Nikki Turner's publishing brand.


In 2007, Def Beat executive produced the DVD mini-series, “DA STUY”Since then, Def Beat Entertainment has produced a short film entitled “Passive Aggressive”; several music videos, including Young Dane’s “Truth and Lies” and Eleven’s “Dancin’ By Myself”, and is in the process of developing several TV programs, one of those being “The Rock & Dane Show” with fellow Hip Hop legend Chubb Rock. Recently Dana, wrote and produced the accliamed official film festival selected short film "JESUS".  At present, he and his beautiful wife, Tana, have an entertaining, web-series entitled “Dana Says, Tana Says”


DBE aspires to be a major player in all facets of multi-media industry. Dana draws inspiration from the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A brilliant idea is a job half done!”  With that being said, Dana and Def Beat Entertainment to create and produce quality projects and solidified its place in the media and entertainment industry.


This Be The Def Beat!

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