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Revered as a legendary Hip Hop artist, Dana Dane helped pioneer the rap genre in the early 1980s. His debut album, 1987’s Dana Dane With Fame, was the first rap album by a solo Brooklyn artist to be certified gold thanks in part to his landmark story raps on songs such as “Nightmares” and “Cinderfella Dana Dane.” The project also garnered him a Soul Train Music Award nomination for Best Album of the Year and is enjoying its 30-year anniversary in 2017.


As seasoned entertainer who still rocks crowds today with high-energy performances, Dana Dane takes audiences back to the origins of Hip Hop culture during his concerts. It’s a time of pure fun, one where Dana engages the audience through crowd participation and call-and-response interaction throughout his show. In addition to his solo sets, Dana Dane also performs as a founding member of the super group The Alumni (Dana Dane, Kwame, Chubb Rock, Special Ed and Monie Love).


With the new music he’s recording and releasing, Dana Dane has established himself as a rap innovator and a creative talent able to evolve and remain relevant. In addition to his forthcoming solo projects, he’s teamed with Nigel Stargate (aka platinum producer Caviar) to form the group Greatness. The pair released its acclaimed “Monolithic” single in 2017.


Beyond making music and performing, Dana Dane has expanded his reach into other media. He spent more than six years behind the microphone as an on-air personality for the Sirius Satellite Radio Backspin channel. In 2003, Dana Dane launched his own Def Beat Entertainment media company and has become a published author (2009’s Numbers), and screenwriter and film producer (2014’s Jesus). Now based in Los Angeles, Dana Dane is developing and shopping film and television projects, including a documentary on his life story, as well as a screenplay based on his “Cinderfella Dana Dane” single.


Dana Dane’s robust creative output stems from his drive to meet his goals and to be successful while doing so. “One of the best feelings I’ve ever felt,” he reveals, “is bringing an idea from conception to completion.”


Dana Dane is also deeply committed to helping others and sharing his blessings with those in need. He is a spokesperson and founder of the Hip Hop Humanism movement, whose mission is to reestablish the ties that bind us as people worldwide using the culture of Hip Hop. Dana Dane’s goal is for people to keep in mind that Hip Hop is more than the music, a style of dress or an attitude. It also encompasses the art of creative thinking, which he believes is one of the key components of a healthy society.


Another way Dana Dane gives back to the community is by serving as a Board Member for the Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation, which brings a voice and support to cancer patients and their family members. 



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