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Eleven was born in the Bronx, New York and literally into the world Hip Hop. At a very young age, After moving to Harlem and enduring a daunting childhood that left him fending for his daily survival, Eleven turned to hustling mix tapes on the streets of New York City to sustain his existence. While hustling mix tapes Eleven was inspired to create his own music. Eleven derived his name from the first letter of his government name which is the 11th letter of the alphabet. He is also known in the MC battle circuit as the Ego Crusher, because of his ability to defeat all would-be competition, basically leaving their egos crushed.


After making his rounds through the mix-tapes circuit as a host, producer or featured artist with the likes of Whoo Kid, Babs, Ron G, Greg Street, Nipsey Hussle, & Dj Whiteowl to name a few, Eleven is ready to release his debut album Respect b4 Fame, under the guidance of Dana Dane’s Def Beat Entertainment multi-media company. When asked how he came up with the title for his CD, Respect B4 Fame, Eleven says, “I have learned to stay grounded because I understand that once the fame is gone, all I’ll have is my respect.”


Eleven is a gifted songwriter, arranger and producer with collaborating with tracks with Maya Azucena (Grammy winner), Lady Luck, Blitz, Ashley Nyx, Wiz Kalifa and Dana Dane. In addition, Eleven currently is a member of Mix-tape Icon DJ WHITE OWL's "TEAM WHITEOWL" movement, a Coast 2 Coast mix-tape DJ and is the Creator & Director of SHE GOT NEXT (female Hip Hop Documentary & mix-tape series) not to mention his two songs on MUSIC CHOICE and three songs in rotation on the NBA roster. It was only a matter of time for Eleven to turn his music talents into acting. He sharpened his acting skills alone-side Marc John Jefferies (Notorious, Big mama house 3) , and Grizz & Dot com (NBC 30 ROCK and SEX IN THE CITY 2) to name a few. Now Eleven is co-starring in the hilarious Web Series "40 & Leroy" DIrected by Lionsgate Film’s Producers and the movie “God Made Dirt” Directed by The Urban Film Festival “Best Director Award Winner” Joseph Springfield. For Eleven the Transition between music & film is just the beginning.

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