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Young Dane




Young Dane (YD) has the blood of the Hip Hop culture running through his veins.  The son of Hip Hop legend and icon Dana Dane, Young Dane was born in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn.  He resided in Virginia, Houston and LA before settling down in Yonkers, NY with his mother.  As a student of Lincoln High School, Young Dane joined theater and excelled as an actor in many school plays, some of which he assisted in writing and revising with his acting teachers.


Like so many children born into the Hip Hop generation, Young Dane was exposed to the music and culture at a very young age.  At the age of 12, Young Dane wrote and recorded his first song with a classmate. It came naturally. From then on, unbeknownst to his father, Young Dane continued writing and reciting raps.  Dane says, “My dad had no idea I was into making music and rapping like I do; he was really surprised to find out I could sing as well.” Dane’s singing will be a key to his success. Multi-talented artists, such as Kanye West, Pharrell, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown and others who have incorporated their own singing vocals on their rap tracks, are the most successful in the industry today.


The “Blood Of A King” mix-tape is Young Dane’s debut project. The mix-tape is a reflection of what a King is to YD; not always a lavish ruler, but a man that encounters, withstands and conquers the human state. This is a major reason for the diverse song selection on the project. Being human, susceptible to the wide spectrum of emotions we all feel; gaining experience from those victories and failures in life as well as accepting one’s own flaws, Dane brings those insecurities and triumphs to the forefront for all to witness.


B.O.A.K. is also based on his bloodline, being the son of one of Hip Hop’s Pioneers. Young Dane takes on the responsibility of keeping the legacy alive. And also the legacy of his ancestors, those who fought for him so that he could be here to speak freely to you today.


“These concepts come together to solidify and propel the project; making it not just another mix-tape, but a well-rounded work of art. Whether rich or poor, we can all be Kings & Queens.” –Young Dane

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